Supporting our clients with quality, affirming psychotherapy is our passion. But there’s more to know about IntraSpectrum Counseling.

Our Vision & Values

Our vision is a society that honors and supports all individuals for who they are, and where affordable, affirming healthcare is accessible to all. We support this vision everyday, by honoring the core values that we hold as truths. Read more.

Focus on Accessibility

Increasing access to therapy is a priority for us. Our Sliding Scale program helps make affirming mental health services possible for clients who might not otherwise be able to access them. And 50% of our Groups are Sliding-Scale-eligible, always.

Community Outreach

We are a member of the LGBT Chamber of IL, we support like-minded organizations with financial & in-kind donations, we offer LGBTQ+ expertise to the Chicagoland business community, and we collaborate with non-profits to optimize access to mental health care.

Supporting LGBTQ+ / Minority-Owned Business 

It’s important to lift each other up, so we strive to work with quality LGBTQ+ and minority-owned companies for contracted services and purchases. We also proudly support businesses that provide a living wage, comprehensive benefits and a healthy environment.

Online Mental Health Support

The IntraSpectrum Counseling Blog features Mental Health articles that help us encourage honest conversations, reduce the stigma around mental health, & offer affirming support to those seeking information online. These blog posts cover an array of topics about mental health & therapy, including the intersections of mental health and the LGBTQ+ & BIPOC communities. They’re authored by our clinical and training staff to help us connect with new clients and offer information, guidance and personal experience to thousands of website visitors  – many of whom we may never even meet.

Issues We Support

The IntraSpectrum Blog also includes articles we call Statements of Support. Many businesses shy away from discussing issues of social justice, discrimination, violence, homophobia / transphobia and other inequities that impact quality of life for so many. Expressing our views is part of who we are, and it helps frame our commitment to creating an affirming and inclusive space for our clients. Our goal through these narratives is to offer information and empower clients and website visitors alike. These Statements also help us communicate our values, priorities and company culture with prospective clients and team members, the general public, and the local business and mental health communities.

Our Philosophy on Therapy

At IntraSpectrum Counseling, our therapists  provide affirming, sex-positive and kink-friendly psychotherapy for clients of all ages and across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities. They serve as guides and companions to help you explore your unique internal spectrum of identities, thoughts, feelings and desires. In our work together, we endeavor to help you become more… you. Read more about our philosophy on therapy.

Join Us

IntraSpectrum Counseling FaviconWe are committed to providing an affirming & positive environment for our clients and therapists, one that supports the development of a strong professional therapeutic relationship. Our therapists impact lives and give hope on a daily basis, and develop professionally as part of a team of educated, passionate & skilled professionals. To join us, browse our active postings, learn more about our practice and clinicians and apply today.