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Time to Grow: Why Mental Health Therapy in the Summer Makes Sense

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Many people don’t think about therapy in the summertime. The weather is warm and sunny, and our moods and activity levels are improved as compared to winter. But with so much to do and so many plans, summertime can also be overwhelming for many people. Having a relationship with a mental health therapist can provide some much needed support.

There are a few reasons people might think they don’t need to see a therapist regularly during the summer:

  • People are spending more time outdoors, which can boost moods and make them feel less need for emotional support
  • Summer vacations and family plans can make it harder to fit in regular appointments
  • There can be financial considerations including getaways and activities, and with the kids in summer camp or home from school
  • And while it’s not necessarily rational, there’s something about summer that just tempts us to kick-back and push-off responsibilities until we’re “back to reality” (after Labor Day)

In truth, the summer season can be a great time to focus on your mental health journey. While you might feel you won’t have as much need for professional support during the warm-weather months, maintaining a connection (or establishing a new one) with a therapist now can help you through the season’s stresses or provide support for existing mental health concerns:

  • Having an established therapeutic relationship before a crisis occurs is one of the best ways to ensure you can maintain the support you need. Specifically, learning coping skills and developing new habits can be easier when you feel better, which will in turn ensure that you can maintain these habits when you need them
  • Summer has its own unique stressors. There are changes to our schedules, increased social interactions, the dynamics of family visits and family vacations, etc.
  • Engaging with therapy in the summer means that both you and your therapist might have more time to focus on what is going well and what could be going better. Bringing that knowledge of what works for you into times when you might be struggling more is invaluable. Furthermore, being able to focus on strengths builds confidence and self-reliance, which are critical to improvement in therapy.
  • Taking care of yourself year-round is an important habit to develop. Knowing that you deserve care, from yourself and others, no matter what’s going on in your life, will allow you to get more out of life and experience more joy and satisfaction overall. The right therapist can help you develop skills and work with you to create habits and behaviors that will serve you well throughout the year.

The many benefits of therapy can really be enhanced during the summer! You can consider this information when beginning or continuing your own mental health journey.


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