At IntraSpectrum Counseling, we place value on sharing information about affirming & inclusive mental health services — with our therapists, our clients, our colleagues, our organizational and outreach partners, and with the many individuals who visit our website seeking support. This Glossary section provides simple, concise definitions for a range of terms, phrases and acronyms associated with psychotherapy, mental health and LGBTQ+ identities, and their many areas of intersectionality. The information shared via the links below is not intended to be exhaustive, nor clinically complete. Our goal is simply to provide people with basic answers as they search for information on a variety of mental health and LGBTQ+ topics, including:

  • General mental health terms
  • Inclusive LGBTQ+ terms

Click the blue links below to get started. And check back often – more glossaries are coming soon, including “Types of Psychotherapy” and “Mental Health Issues / Concerns”.

General Mental Health Terms  •  LGBTQ+ Terms


IntraSpectrum Counseling is committed to providing an affirming therapeutic environment for the LGBTQ+ population and beyond, one that supports the development of a strong professional relationship between client and therapist. The safety and strength that clients draw from that solid therapeutic relationship allows them to feel more freedom to examine, embrace, and express who they really are. IntraSpectrum Counseling therapists help our clients safely discover their growth edges so they can develop more adaptive, effective coping mechanisms for life stressors. In our work together with clients, our goals are to facilitate forward momentum, enable symptom relief, and help people form healthier relationships with themselves and others.

For anyone in need of affirming and validating support, click here to get started with therapy now. If you have questions or would like additional information, please contact us at, or leave a message on our callback line at 312-379-9476. We look forward to connecting with you soon.