IntraSpectrum Counseling is Chicago’s leading psychotherapy practice dedicated to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. We provide affirming, sex-positive and kink-friendly psychotherapy for clients of all ages and across the spectrum of gender and sexual identities. As an LGBTQ+ practice, increasing access to affirming mental health services is very important to us. That’s why we fully support the use of telehealth / online video therapy (subject to your health insurance provider’s policies). Online therapy can be just as effective as in-person sessions for many clients and situations. And telehealth helps us support clients in Illinois who live outside the Downtown and Andersonville areas of Chicago.

What is Telehealth Therapy?

Telehealth (online) therapy is “the use of telecommunication technologies to provide healthcare services to patients remotely”. At IntraSpectrum Counseling, telehealth therapy is offered via Google Meet video conferencing, a HIPAA-compliant video meeting platform (see below for more info). We do not offer scheduled telehealth therapy sessions via phone call.

Can I See my IntraSpectrum Therapist Virtually if I Prefer?

YES! Our therapists are available for in-person or telehealth sessions. If you are interested in telehealth or your therapist believes you may clinically benefit from telehealth therapy, and it’s covered by your health insurance plan, we are happy to help you set that up. To get started, submit an inquiry form or contact us at and include that you’re interested in telehealth.  And we can help you verify your health insurance coverage regarding in-person vs. online sessions if you’re not sure; let us know if we can assist.

The Importance of Telehealth Therapy for LGBTQ+ Clients

For LGBTQ+ clients, telehealth is about more than the convenience of seeing a therapist without having to travel to their office.

  • Telehealth helps LGBTQ+ people choosing a new therapist to access a wider pool of affirming healthcare providers
  • Telehealth provides LGBTQ+ clients in more rural or under-resourced areas with access to affirming therapists that may not otherwise be available to them. Even today, not all therapists and mental health care providers practice affirmative therapy (an approach in which a therapist validates / affirms their clients’ identities and advocates for the needs of their LGBTQ+ clients) as IntraSpectrum Counseling does.
  • Telehealth creates a safe space for sharing and allows LGBTQ+ clients to engage in therapy with greater anonymity and privacy, and without fear of judgment or stigma
  • Telehealth offers a more comfortable & sustainable therapy experience for those who’ve had negative therapeutic experiences / faced trauma, anxiety or discrimination in medical environments in the past
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Overall Benefits & Advantages of Telehealth

  • encourages consistency – therapy can happen even with changes in your schedule or planned out of area trips
  • facilitates convenience – no need for time off work or school when therapy sessions can be conducted as a planned meeting during day hours or scheduled during other open times during your day
  • increases accessibility – increases access to services in remote areas, and for clients with mobility or health issues
  • can be just as effective as in-person therapy for many clients and situations
  • can help make treatment feel more sustainable – especially for clients with illness, mobility issues, limited access to reliable transportation, etc.

Notes & Resources

In order to to use telepsychology services with IntraSpectrum Counseling, you will need: (1) a reliable Wi-Fi connection or data plan, and (2) a computer, tablet, smart phone or similar telecommunications device. You are solely responsible for any cost to you to obtain any necessary equipment, accessories, or software to take part in psychotherapy via telehealth with IntraSpectrum Counseling.

  • To get started with therapy, click here or contact us at, and include that you’re interested in telehealth.
  • Click here for details on setting up your display name and pronouns in Google Meet, for your telehealth sessions
  • Click for our Informed Consent for Teletherapy form, for more info on telehealth therapy