It’s easy to start therapy with IntraSpectrum Counseling. Our goal is to make the “getting started” process affirming, comfortable and efficient for our new clients.

Complete an Online Inquiry Form
Our Inquiry Form is the first step, and takes less than 10 minutes to complete. We’ll ask about the type(s) of therapy you’re looking for and the issues you want to address. We’ll also ask about your identities and experiences, to help provide an intentionally affirming space for you. Your responses will help us determine which of our therapists might be a good match for your needs. You are also welcome to request a specific therapist on the Form; we’ll do our best to accommodate based on availability.

Reply to our Follow-up Phone Call (or Email)
Soon after you submit the Inquiry Form, our Client Services team will follow-up via phone using the phone number you shared. If we can’t reach you by phone, we’ll email you using the email address you shared. We’ll suggest a therapist & session time for your consideration (based on the info you provided about your goals, schedule, and any preferences / requirements). We will also provide information about your outpatient mental health coverage at this time (including any deductible, copays / coinsurance, and yearly session limits). Add to your email Contacts list and check your spam folder, to be sure you are receiving our messages.

Create a Client Portal Account
Once you confirm that you would like to move forward with the suggested therapist & your session time is scheduled, we’ll email you an invitation to create a Client Portal account. Our Client Portal will enable you to complete the required consent forms and upload payment information. You’ll also be able to keep track of your session history, upcoming scheduled sessions, pay any co-pays and fees, and much more.

Schedule your 1st Session
Once you have completed the consent forms in the Client Portal, we’ll send you an email confirming the date and time of your first session. This email will also include details about accessing our office for in-person therapy, or information for telehealth if you are seeing your therapist virtually.

Attend Your 1st & 2nd Sessions
During your initial therapy sessions, you and your therapist get to know each other a bit, share information about your issues and goals for therapy, and ask each other questions. Your therapist will use the information gathered in the first two sessions to complete the intake assessment that is required by many insurance providers. They may also review the assessment tools you completed in your initial client paperwork at this time, to gather additional information about your needs and circumstances for your individualized treatment plan (which will be finalized in session #3).

Now, you and your therapist are ready to begin working together in a series of safe, affirming, and confidential sessions. Through the process of therapy, you will discover new things about yourself as you learn to strive for your personal therapeutic goals. We look forward to connecting with you soon, and helping you with your mental health journey.

If you have questions, email us at or leave a message for a callback on our office line: 312-379-9476. To get started with therapy now, please submit an online Inquiry Form.