IntraSpectrum Counseling is committed to providing an affirming therapeutic environment for the LGBTQ+ population and beyond, one that supports the development of a strong professional relationship between client and therapist. The safety and strength clients draw from that solid therapeutic relationship allows them to feel more freedom to examine, embrace, and express who they really are.

  • IntraSpectrum literally means “the spectrum within” – our counselors serve as guides and companions in the process of helping you explore your unique internal spectrum of identities, thoughts, feelings and desires.
  • Through individual, relationship, child/adolescent, family and group counseling, we assist you in making better distinctions between your own authentic voice and the voices or parts of yourself that you’ve internalized from your relationships.
  • IntraSpectrum’s therapists help you safely discover your growth edges so that you can develop more adaptive, effective coping mechanisms for life stressors.
  • We facilitate forward momentum, symptom relief, and help you form healthier relationships with yourself and with others.
  • In our work together, we endeavor to help you become more… you.

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