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Omnisexual Visibility Day 2024: Towards *Good Press* & Visibility

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IntraSpectrum Counseling is proud to celebrate Omnisexual Visibility Day, a time to celebrate all those who identify as omnisexual; who have a sexual attraction to all genders, though recognize and may have preferences across gender differences. This reflection on Omnisexual Visibility Day is authored by Jack Smith-Moore, MSW, LCSW, a member of the IntraSpectrum Counseling team.


Happy Omnisexual Visibility Day! Those who identify as omnisexual are often faced with questions like, 1. “what’s that?,”2. “so, you’re pansexual or bisexual?,” or 3. “why are there so many different names for things?”. Here’s answers:

  1. Omnisexual is a multi-sexual orientation, meaning one is sexually, emotionally, and/or physically attracted to all gender identities/expressions. Those who identify as being omnisexual recognize gender and sometimes have preferences to different traits in genders, and/or gender preferences.
  2. No – pansexual is similar in that attraction is to all genders, WITHOUT gender featuring in that attraction (example: many pansexual folks say they are “genderblind” when referencing who they are attracted to). Bisexual individuals have a sexual attraction to more than one gender, though may not have a sexual attraction to ALL genders.
  3. Well – it’s not on the person who identifies as omnisexual to do the research for you! But because you asked, I’ll break it down quick for you: Our brains make sense of things by putting them into categories, those categories then get labels. When we don’t have a name for differences, it can lead to confusion, fear, or worry – this is the same process where biases are made. SO, when we have a name for something – it gives those who may recognize themselves in that name and definition clarity, calm, and validation; and for those who do not recognize themselves in the name/definition, CAN lead to clarity, understanding, and acceptance.

And you know what? Have depictions in culture of these labels can be either super helpful or extraordinarily harmful. Think of terrible racist cartoons mocking physical features different of those from the Euro-white masc body, or the misinformation on the AIDS pandemic associating death and sin with those who identified as LGBTQ+.

Having relatable, likeable and diverse representations of those who identify as anything different from the Euro-white, het, middle-upper class, Christian male is so important for bringing about clarity, calm, validation, understanding and acceptance. Unfortunately – even as more and more LGBTQ+ identifies are being positively portrayed as protagonists in today’s culture, many omnisexual representations follow a troubling mischaracterization of the vast majority of those who identify as omnisexual. The current trope in today’s culture for those who identify as omnisexual is one who is not only over sexualized/flirtatious, but one who also is a trickster, or one who deceives to get ahead. This *bad press* is even true for protagonists:

  • For example, many in the Marvel Universe see Deadpool as an omnisexual character. While the character is a hero, how they go about ‘saving the day’ usually includes trickery and over sexualized jokes to confuse or use their sexuality to bring about a wow factor.
  • Or how about Elim Garak of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ? Again, while a protagonist of sorts, he ends up being a spy who inevitably helps “the good guys” but is shrouded in mystery and links this mysteriousness to his sexuality in who he becomes romantically involved in.
  • Dr. Who’s Captain Jack Harkness identifies as omnisexual; the character is a protagonist who does not rely on tricks or confusion to win the day, but he very much makes it a point to flirt with anything that moves, which is not an accurate representation of those who identify as omnisexual.

To begin to conclude this blog that nerds out on some of the nerdiest cultural references, I think a shining example of omnisexual representation is within the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. The representation is within the race of Golds who are both the protagonist and the antagonist throughout the series. They are the most evolved race in the Galaxy, and what/who they are attracted to is mentioned without criticism or judgment; it is just information that helps us better understand each character, and the deeds of the character allow us to judge them as a protagonist or antagonist.

“Good press,” or visibility is shining a light on differences in a way that gives calm, understanding, clarity, and acceptance in such a way that allows us to see the humanity in each of us. I hope we continue to see more LGBTQ+ characters, across the protagonist/antagonist spectrum to help us better understand who we all are. That is why we engage in culture, to find bits of ourselves in others and know we are not alone.

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Omnisexual Visibility Day is is observed annually on July 6. As Chicago’s leading psychotherapy practice dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community, IntraSpectrum Counseling is proud to acknowledge and celebrate LVD. Every day, we strive to provide the highest quality mental health care for clients of all ages and across the spectrum of identities. For anyone needing affirming and validating support or healing with any issue, please click here or email us at