At IntraSpectrum Counseling, our values are shaped by the work we do, the skilled and dedicated therapists on our team and the clients we support. To formalize the values that drive us and define our practice, in 2021 we formed a voluntary MVV Committee (Mission / Vision / Values). For six months, eight team members in both clinical and admin positions met weekly to brainstorm who we are, where we came from, and what values we hold as truths. We are grateful for their efforts, which became the foundation of our company vision and values. We’re proud to share IntraSpectrum Counseling’s Core Values, & what they represent to us.

Quality: We’re committed to your journey.
Belonging: You belong here.
Empowerment: Enhance the possible.
Integrity: We’re accountable to you.
Diversity: Embracing difference unites us.
Pride: For us, it’s personal.
Accessibility: We make the journey possible. 

In our work together, it is our goal to honor these Values, every day.