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Beneficial Tips for Working at Home During the Winter Months

By December 4, 2020December 6th, 2021No Comments
Potted plant sitting on window

We here at IntraSpectrum are extremely interested in promoting self care while ourselves and others navigate working from home over the winter months. Here are a couple of tips from our own Michelle Emerick.

Have you ever put a plant near a window and noticed it leaning that way after a few days? Humans can be like plants in this way. We need light to feel good! Be like a plant and face your workspace towards a window so you’ll sit and absorb that sunshine during your 9-5 work hours.

Since we have been working from home, one thing we have lost is our commute! Yes, it’s true!  The time spent in traffic, on the bus or train also served a purpose, it gave us time to shift gears in our brain before walking in to our homes to see the partners, kids, and pets who miss us. Despite working in the next room, we still benefit from time to recover and switch gears. Failing to do so can result in less patience, irritability, fatigue, and hurt feelings. For yourself and your loved ones try to consider how you can add a short solo routine to the end of your workday to help you switch gears. Try doing a few yoga poses, go for a walk, or read part of a book!

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