Second IntraSpectrum Location in Andersonville Now Open

By May 26, 2013October 5th, 2020No Comments

To better the serve Chicagoland’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex (LGBTQI) population, a second IntraSpectrum location has opened in Andersonville, or as some call it “Girls Town.” IntraSpectrum Counseling has found overwhelming success because they are the only Chicago-based private group practice specifically dedicated to serving this community, and the highly trained staff is sensitive to the unique needs of these groups. Moreover, the clinicians offer a diverse range of specializations, so clients can be assured that they will be matched up with a therapist who will best meet their individual needs.

While the clinicians are the foundation of the practice, the space itself plays a critical role in creating a safe environment for clients to come, share their stories, and learn more about themselves and their community. Both locations were thoughtfully designed by the Somogyi Group to embody the feeling of urban comfort. By employing the same designers, the two locations share conceptual consistencies, allowing for a sense of continuity for clients who may choose to go to both sites. To further boost the coherence of the two spaces, new artwork will soon be displayed in the Michigan Avenue location. All of the art and décor has been carefully selected to generate a warm atmosphere while maintaining an urban sophistication that so many of our clients prize.

The new Andersonville space offers the same amenities as the Michigan Avenue location. Clients may enjoy sipping fresh coffee, tea, or hot cocoa while they peruse a queer friendly magazine such as Out, the Advocate, Ms., or Time Out Chicago. In addition, the new Andersonville location boasts skylights that bathe most of the rooms in sunlight. While in the new space, clients may enjoy looking at the 1947 US map reclaimed from an old school house or analyzing the Rorschach-style inkblots that hang along a wall. In short, IntraSpectrum Counseling offers clients a vibrant boutique experience.