IntraSpectrum Counseling works with clients in one of two ways, to provide a letter of support for gender affirming medical care which will fulfill healthcare insurance provider and surgery center requirements:

  • For current IntraSpectrum Counseling clients, a letter of support can be provided as part of your ongoing therapy with your IntraSpectrum therapist. Please speak with your therapist to learn more.
  • If you are not currently an IntraSpectrum client and are interested in a letter of support (but do not want to engage in ongoing therapy), we can still help. Our Intake Team can work with you to set up four assessment appointments, to discuss readiness for surgery and informed consent, and obtain the required background information. Completing these assessment appointments will enable your therapist to provide you with a letter that meets the necessary criteria.

We will also coordinate care as necessary with your healthcare provider(s) to help ensure a quality and smooth experience. Learn more about our therapists, then submit an Inquiry Form to get started. Our team of skilled and compassionate professionals can help you fulfill your individual potential, embrace your authentic self, and become more you.