You Deserve to Feel Better.

Making the decision to seek out therapy can feel scary. We congratulate you on taking this first step! It takes bravery & commitment to look within yourself and acknowledge the issues, fears or anxieties that could be holding you back.

Individual psychotherapy is a process where an adult client and a trained mental health therapist work together in a series of safe, affirming, and confidential sessions. Through therapy, you’ll discover new things about yourself, learn to manage your feelings or responses to difficult situations, and employ effective tools to better navigate them. Individual therapy can help you work towards personal goals and a healthier you.

Individual Therapy is a process of self-awareness and reflection that can help you better understand yourself, others, and how you respond to your environment. Individual Psychotherapy can:

  • Increase self-compassion, acceptance, personal growth, mindfulness and improved perception of self
  • Reduce or eliminate feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, conflict
  • Help you explore the intersectionality of sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, ethnicity & race, physical mobility, age, size and other labels that our society assigns to individuals or groups of individuals
  • Address issues related to trauma, abuse, sexuality, discrimination or guilt

Learn more about our therapists, then visit Get Support and submit an inquiry form to get started. Our team of skilled, compassionate professionals can help you fulfill your individual potential, embrace your authentic self, and become more you.

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