Kristin Kazyaka, Phd

Dr. Kristin Kazyaka (she/her) is a Staff Therapist at IntraSpectrum, and approaches therapy with a relational lens. She uses the relationship she builds with her clients to help them to explore their connections with others and the relationship they have with their self. Additionally, Kristin values the identities each person holds and will encourage clients to explore the intersections of these identities, including how these identities intersect with Kristin’s own identities. The value she places on the intersection of identities comes from her own experiences as a bi-cultural cis-woman – with family who are White and Mexican-American. Kristin firmly believes that our identities shape who we are and influence the interactions and experiences we have with others, and that privilege and marginalization, at a cultural and individual level, impact our well-being and health.

Kristin has a passion for helping and supporting trauma survivors, and uses the safety of the therapeutic relationship to promote safety in individuals’ selves. She readily uses mindfulness and body-based interventions when working with trauma and is an EMDR-trained therapist. Kristin also enjoys working with individuals who experience anxiety and are in the midst of identity development. She strives to cultivate an affirming and celebratory space in which clients can explore their sexuality, gender, and relationships (including relationship structures). Kristin believes that therapy should be tailored to each individual and will work collaboratively with each client to set goals and assess progress in order to meet each client’s needs.

Kristin completed her Master’s and Doctoral degrees at Texas Woman’s University and has previously worked in university counseling centers, a private practice, and at a domestic violence agency. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Texas Woman’s University’s Counseling and Psychological Services.

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