Cindy Doodeman, PsyD

Cindy Doodeman PsyD

Throughout her career as a Clinical Psychologist, Cindy has supported individuals, couples, and families in community mental health centers, schools, hospitals, and private practice settings. Most recently, she developed a thriving practice on the South Side of Chicago with LGBTQIA+ folks, including queer people of color (QPOC), and folks engaged in kink, BDSM, and non-traditional relationship structures. She is also experienced in treating people with chronic physical pain and illness, and prioritizes collaboration with healthcare providers to bring about best possible outcomes.

Cindy’s therapy style can be described as person-centered and humanist. She has a gentle, non-shaming, non-judging approach to helping clients make changes to relieve symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and trauma. She allows clients to explore their histories in way that is healing and life-affirming. Cindy’s clients experience her as warm, gentle, and genuine. She sees the therapeutic relationship as built upon a foundation of trust and safety, which allows exploration and experimentation with changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior to achieve desired goals.

Cindy began her training at the Oasis Center for Human Potential where she ultimately served as Co-Director of the Encounter Group Facilitator Training Program in 1989. She attended DePaul for her undergraduate education and went on to Forest Institute of Professional Psychology to earn a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology in 2001. Cindy later practiced at the Ada S. McKinley Community Mental Health Center in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Before joining the team at IntraSpectrum, she served as Clinical Director at a therapeutic day program.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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