What can I expect during the first session?

Therapists will provide a few minutes of paperwork for clients to complete at the start of their first session, which lasts 55 minutes. Please bring a valid photo ID and your insurance card, as we will need to make a copy of these documents. Clients may also consider bringing contact information for any other past or current treatment providers with whom they feel it may be helpful for IntraSpectrum therapists to communicate. For the intake, clients can expect their therapist to talk with them about a number of aspects of their history, current functioning, reasons for seeking help, and to provide initial recommendations for treatment. Individual sessions thereafter are also 55 minutes long unless you have specifically spoken with your provider about a different arrangement.

Many clients find it helpful to arrive a few minutes early so that they do not feel rushed at the beginning of session. It is helpful to take a moment to breathe and consider what things you might want to address with the therapist during your time together.


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