Do you take insurance?

IntraSpectrum Counseling is an In-Network Provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) PPO and Blue Choice Illinois insurance plans. As part of the Intake process, our Billing Director will verify your outpatient mental health coverage, whether there may be a deductible, co-pays, or co-insurance, and if there are yearly session limits. This information will be given to your before your first session. We will also submit all In-Network claims to BCBSIL PPO and Blue Choice for you and follow up with BCBSIL regarding any billing issues.

If you are covered by a different a different insurance carrier, you may still be eligible for Out-of-Network coverage at IntraSpectrum Counseling, but the process and reimbursement rates are different. As a courtesy to potential and current clients, we will also verify Out-of-Network benefits and provide you with this information prior to your first session. You would be responsible for paying our fee at the time of your session. In an effort to make your therapy experience as stress-free as possible, our Billing Director is also able to submit a “superbill” (a receipt with diagnostic codes and dates of service) to your insurance company to facilitate reimbursement upon request. Once the insurance company processes the claims, they would then send reimbursement directly to you at whatever rate your out of network benefits stipulate. The amount of reimbursement you can expect depends entirely on your specific plan, whether you have a deductible to meet, the amount of that deductible if you do have one, etc., and it may not be possible to determine the amount of reimbursement you will receive until after the first session(s) begin to process.

*Please note that, as of January 1st, 2016, BCBSIL will be moving all individual PPO plans (plans not purchased through your place of employment) to the Blue Choice Network. IntraSpectrum Counseling is now In-Network for Blue Choice plans as well.

Please contact us for questions about insurance, reimbursement, or reduced fee options.

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