Queer Women’s Process Group
Thurs 6-7:15pm in Andersonville

This nine month-long process group connects queer women who are interested in building community, exploring identity, examining issues as you see them with peers, giving and receiving feedback, and practicing new communication skills and behaviors.

Gender Experience Process Group
Thurs 6:30-8pm downtown; Sat 11:30am-12:45pm in Andersonville 

These nine month-long process groups provide a sense of community in a safe space wherein clients may openly explore their gender identity and express themselves in ways their current lives may not allow. These groups are open to people with all gender identities and expressions who are curious about exploring their experience of gender identity and expression with others. These groups focus on learning how to give and receive genuine and constructive feedback. Learn how you are being perceived by others, and learn how to share your perceptions of others to others as well. See how different ways of communicating can promote or hinder meaningful relationships.

Gender Experience Support Group 
Wed 6-7:15pm in Andersonville

This ongoing support group offers a safe space for clients who have completed a Gender Experience Process Group at IntraSpectrum and would like to continue their growth in a structured environment. This groups serves as a space to connect socially as well as examine gender identity and expression.

Interpersonal Relationships Process Group
Tues 5:30-6:45pm Downtown

This nine month-long process group will provide members opportunities to increase self-awareness and learn how they relate to others. By giving and receiving feedback and practicing emotional communication, group members can better understand barriers to satisfying social and/or romantic relationships. Group members will focus on improving their relationships with others and with themselves and practice vulnerability to foster emotional closeness. This group is open to adults of all ages, sexual identities, and gender identities.

Please contact our Group Coordinator, Deb Zutty, at for more information about group participation.