Laura Linebarger, Psy.D

Laura_LinebargerDr. Laura Linebarger is a Staff Therapist at IntraSpectrum Counseling, providing individual, relationship, and group counseling.  Her approach to working with people is to understand and accept them from their worldview.  She is committed to finding what empowers and strengthens them at their core and supporting them through life choices, both large and small.  She knows that change is difficult and that we each have our own unique path.  She uses a combination of insight-orientated and reflective techniques along with action-oriented and logic-based steps to help others find what they are looking for in the world.

Dr. Linebarger has worked in the LGBQI and Trans* Communities in Chicago, Louisville, KY, and Austin, TX and has experience in urban and rural communities.  She has in-depth knowledge and experience on sexual identity and gender spectrum concerns.  She is highly committed to all social justice issues that disenfranchised people face and the intersectionality of multiple identities.  In addition to this, she specializes in substance and behavioral addictions, including compulsive sexual and love behaviors, and is in training to become a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist (CSAT).  She works from multiple models of recovery including 12-Step and SMART Recovery.  She also works with alternative relationships and couples such as LGBT, kink and poly families.

Several different settings gave Dr. Linebarger the foundation for her work.  She began conducting learning and attention assessments for adolescents and young adults at the Paul Simon Chicago Job Corps in Chicago, Illinois.  From there, she began addressing LGBTQ issues in her work with people with addictions in the Valeo program at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. She has also worked at the Northwestern University Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) center where she worked with young adults in a college counseling setting as well as in community mental health at Communicare in Bardstown, Kentucky.  Most recently, she owned a group private practice serving the needs of LGBTQ folks in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Linebarger is a graduate of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, Illinois.  She earned both a masters and a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology with concentration in Psychoanalytic Psychology. She earned a BA in Psychology from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. In addition to practicing at IntraSpectrum Counseling, Dr. Linebarger also teaches graduate psychology classes at The Chicago School for Professional Psychology.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

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