Iggy V Ladden, AM, LCSW

Iggy V Ladden, MSW, LSWIggy V Ladden provides individual, couples, and group therapy at IntraSpectrum Counseling, and serves as IntraSpectrum’s Director of Marketing and Outreach. In session, Iggy supports clients in exploring and getting to know themselves as they are. Iggy believes that self-understanding and self-acceptance lay the groundwork for desired life shifts. Iggy practices an experiential process based approach to therapy informed by strong relational and client-centered values. Iggy also offers an array of mindfulness exercises for clients to utilize outside the therapy hour if desired. Iggy’s unique background and approach can be particularly useful for those grappling with trauma, anxiety, depression, self-expression, gender and sexuality issues.

In addition to their role as staff therapist, Iggy is also IntraSpectrum’s Director of Marketing and Outreach. Iggy keeps IntraSpectrum’s web and Facebook presence alive and rich with helpful extra-therapeutic content. Iggy enjoys strengthening ties with the local community via networking, presentations, and online partnering.

When not at IntraSpectrum, Iggy teaches yoga and meditation workshops in the Chicago area. Prior to IntraSpectrum, Iggy worked at Chicago House’s TransLife Center (TLC) where they managed the TransSafe resource center, facilitated LGBTQ trainings to local organizations, and offered weekly mental health services.

Pronouns: they/them/theirs

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